DSCN0481Many of the pump failures we see on a daily basis are caused due to an issue with a mechanical seal or bearing. The lifespan of seals and bearings will be dramatically reduced when shafts are misaligned or excess vibration is present.

A sometimes overlooked cause of misalignment or vibration is due to the failure of the surface foundation or structure on which the pump is mounted.  It may not be the first thing to consider, however in situations where there are reoccurring performance issues, or failures, eliminating any defects in baseplate or foundation systems can save time and frustration in determine a root-cause.

Below are some of the reasons we have seen baseplates and foundations cause misalignment or excess vibration issues.

  • Non-reinforced metal bases that are warped or bent.
  • Corrosion and other forms of environmental deterioration
  • Hollow metal or cast-iron bases
  • Failed grouting

One new way to reduce foundation failures that we have seen being used more and more, is the use of a solid polymer concrete baseplate.  This foundation material is a made from a combination of well-defined grain size aggregates bound to a thermoset epoxy or vinyl ester resin. Manufactured in a controlled environment during a transfer molding process, these materials can be cast to precision tolerances and offer high mechanical properties suitable for most industrial applications.

Why these polymer foundations are gaining popularity:

  • Reduced Vibration – The polymeric matrix of the material provides damping ratios that are 20 to 30 times greater per identical geometry than steel or cast-iron materials.
  • Precision Mounting – Threaded insert holes are typically cast in place or located with a computer-numerical-controlled machine to ensure precise location and perpendicularity, which eliminates bolt-bound conditions often occurring with inexpensive metal bases. Difficult-to-machine features can easily be cast in place, and maximum design flexibility allows for retrofit to any existing concrete foundation.
  • Corrosion Resistant – Advanced resin systems along with inert natural aggregates provide excellent protection from many fluids that would otherwise require an expensive alloy or corrode standard cast iron or steel. Polymer concrete systems eliminate the need for additional protective coatings or periodic upkeep and maintenance activities.
  • Low Heat Conduction
  • Excellent Electrical Insulator
  • Non Magnetic
  • Resist Water Absorption – (good for outdoor applications).

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