motor rewindElectric motor units perform a significant amount of work in today’s world.  They maintain various kinds of electronic devices running and working properly. Various types of electric motors are used to make life a little easier however they can be expensive to replace.   Electric motor rewinding can be done to make the motor workable again without the high cost of paying for a new motor.

There are various reasons and factors when deciding to have a motor rewound rather than purchasing a new one.  Rewinding an electric motor is delicate and professional care is needed.  Even a minuscule error throughout the rewinding process could result in a great loss.  Rewinding a motor is not a simple task and it is best to have a professional check out the motor and handle the rewinding process. Priest electric is a company with certified professionals to help you with rewinding your electric motor.

How do you know electric motor rewinding is for you?

When a motor’s insulation is ruined or even just damaged the electricity begins transferring from winding to winding causing excess heat and damages the motor.  Power problems can also result in motor damage.  Routine maintenance including rewinding when necessary will extend the life and productivity of an electric motor.

When the decision to rewind a motor the motor housing is first removed to expose the windings. Photographs and notes may be taken for documentation. The wire from the tabs on the brush pads is very carefully and completely removed. The wind free coils are then cut from the motor. The insulation shown is inspected to make sure if it is in good shape, or if it needs to be repaired or replaced. The armature is then rewound. The exact winding pattern is recreated and number of coils around each winding. The windings are connected and the wires are double checked to make sure the tabs are not touching. When all of this is done the motor housing is then reassembled.

Rewinding an electric motor is a tedious and difficult procedure.  Unless you are experienced, having a professional perform the task will save you money and headache in the long run.  Priest Electric is a reliable service provider trained in electric motor rewinding in Boise, Idaho, Nevada, and Oregon.  They have a full service shop for electric motor repair, and can also provide on-site service.