electric motor maintenance

Priest Electric is an electric motor repair shop that understands the importance and methods of preventative maintenance, but we don’t stop there.  When it comes to helping our clients extend the operating life of their electric motors, we provide additional strategies commonly described as Predictive Maintenance, and Reliability Based Maintenance.  In this article we’ll discuss those strategies, and why they are important.

Preventative Maintenance – (PM)
Preventative maintenance involves assessing the overall health of a motor through testing and inspection. We’ll check alignment, noise, vibration, lubrication & and installation. Once the assessment is complete, we’ll create and implement a preventative maintenance strategy.

Predictive Maintenance – (PdM)
Predictive electric motor maintenance is a strategy used to determine or forecast when to perform corrective maintenance, or when to expect a failure. By monitoring trends or declining conditions during preventative maintenance, we can determine when a motor might fail, or when corrective action will be needed.

The advantage of predictive maintenance is that it can spot and correct conditions before they result in failure or more costly repairs.

Reliability Based Maintenance (RBM)
By combining both preventative and predictive allows us to determine the best combination of maintenance activities to enhance electric motor reliability. It requires an in depth knowledge of motor failure characteristics, manifestations, and consequences. With over 50 years in business, we can help our clients keep their equipment performing properly like few other electric motor repair companies can.

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