The most common pieces of equipment that are fitted with packing or mechanical seals are centrifugal pumps and mixers. Packing has been used and is still used to seal around the rotating shaft. It’s ineffectiveness to control emissions has made it’s use limited to products that are not controlled by the EPA, in compliance with the Clean Air Act and other regulations, basically, water.

seals and packingMechanical pump and valve packings are made from relatively soft materials and normally consist of a number of rings inserted into the stuffing box between the rotating shaft and body of the pump. By tightening a follower or gland against the top ring of packing, pressure is transmitted to the packing set, thus reducing leakage to an acceptable level. There are many materials, construction, braid types and lubricants. Our knowledge and quality packing manufacturers will solve many problems associated with packing.

With proper attention and training, a high degree of successful operation can be anticipated. Successful sealing with compression packings is a function of several important related factors:

  • Careful selection of packing materials to meet specific application requirements.
  • Complete consideration of surface speeds, pressures, temperatures, and medium handled (PH).
  • Proper attention to good installation and break-in procedures.
  • High standards of equipment maintenance.

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Palmetto packing material
Palmetto Packings is a leading manufacturer of high-quality packing material and tools for pumps and valves. With more than 100 years of demonstrated material expertise, we deliver premium packing solutions to solve demanding challenges across a wide variety of industries.

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