Priest Electric uses only premium coatings and resins so that repairs last longer, and save you money. No matter what the application: pulp, paper, sugar, marine, water processing, oil and gas, or power generation, Priest Electric can provide you with the pump and erosion coatings that will last.

Plant equipment subject to erosion/corrosion fluid flow and cavitation can eat away capital faster than budgets can keep up. Poly-Ceramic repair and protection rebuilding compounds and coatings can extend equipment life by as much as four times. It’s not always necessary to scrap worn out equipment!

Cerami-tech products are the finest rebuilding compounds and resurfacing materials available on the market today. Various situations call for more than just a “one does it all” material.

Traditional methods of welding and grinding not only subject the metal to uncommon stress, it is vastly more expensive and time consuming.

Ceramic paste can be used to rebuild deep erosion, re-face damaged vanes, and repair cracked cut waters, casings, and ring seats. With our expertise many repairs can be done in one day.

    Priest Electric offers various poly-ceramic resurfacing coatings that combat: 


Energy losses due to the effects of viscous drag and surface roughness accentuated by erosion/corrosion effects can be reduced by the application of a protective coating to the surfaces of the fluid handling equipment.

Typically, the energy cost of a pump represents the largest portion of the lifetime cost – much more than capital. In fact, operating costs can represent as much as 95% of the overall lifetime costs of the pump. Therefore, an improvement in energy efficiency will represent a significant reduction in lifetime costs. Overall, it provides years of power savings in addition to high performance erosion/corrosion protection.

Cerami-flex is the leader in combating cavitation problems where it has proven superior in paper plants, irrigation, hydro-electric, and water treatment equipment.

Protection of new equipment has proven to extend pump life by as much as four times. Food plants have coated new parts with poly- ceramic and saved money over purchasing exotic metal equipment. The hardened ceramic coating lasts as long and is only a fraction of the cost.
Save your old parts, save your money, invest in a proven solution to reclaiming and protecting all fluid flow equipment. Priest Electric can provide the answer to erosion/corrosion in fluid handling equipment which will:

  • Improve efficiency and performance
  • Minimize downtime
  • Increase life expectancy
  • Eliminate expensive replacement costs
  • Our experience, know how, and product knowledge can provide technical advice and service on site or in our shop.

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