centrifugal pumps and systemsThe effort applied to reverse the natural direction of liquid flow is called “pumping”. A pump is a machine that adds energy to the liquid that is passing through it. Pumps are grouped into ‘families’ in accordance with the process that the pump uses to add energy to the liquid. The Hydraulic Institute Standards describe the groups and sub-groups.

The most common are centrifugal, which can be sub grouped into close-coupled, vertical, submersible, single or multiple stage, end suction, horizontal split case, in-line, and even further as to how they are driven, mounted, and applied. There are many things to take into consideration in any given pumping application.

Priest Electric sells or rebuilds almost every kind of pump, and have technicians well trained and experienced in the repair, up-grade, or replacement of pumps. We trouble shoot and help with new applications as well as on site field service. Priest Electric offers pump sales and pump repair in Boise, all of Idaho, Nevada, and Oregon.

Priest Electric Proudly Carries & Recommends:


Centrifugal pumps and systems
Grundfos offers a wide range of centrifugal pumps and systems for water applications in industry, irrigation, heating and wastewater treatment.


centrifugal & positive displacement pumps
The American-Marsh Pump Group is a leading manufacturer of centrifugal & positive displacement pumps, electrical motors, mechanical seals and fire protection fittings, couplings and pumping equipment.


commercial & agricultural pumps
BERKELEY pumps are the solution to the growing number of demanding applications found in the water treatment & supply, pressure boosting, agricultural and turf irrigation, water features and OEM markets.


Verticle, submersible pumps
Hydroflo produces the best vertical and submersible pumps in the industry.


portable dewatering pumps
Thompson Pump sells and entire line of portable dewatering pumps as well as bypass systems and wellpoint systems.


new pumps
Cornell pumps can be found hard at work for raw water intake, water processing, pressure boosting, refineries, energy recovery, cooling towers, distillation systems, wastewater processing, food processing, DAF systems, and power plants.

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