Factors Involved In Determining Pump Performance

Factors Involved In Determining Pump Performance When working with pumps, you are sure to encounter instances where the pump curve is referenced along with a number of parameters associated with it.  A key parameter of the pump curve is the Best Efficiency Point (BEP).   For electric motors, efficiency varies with the load, the best [...]

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Recent Projects In Our Shop

Recent Projects In The Shop Each month we take in large industrial electric motors and pumps to be rebuild or repaired. Here are a few examples from the past few weeks. Synchronous electric motor rebuild/repair. Synchronous motors are designed to take abuse and are commonly used for a variety of mining applications. As seen in [...]

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Jet Pump Troubleshooting Guide

Packaged with each new pump are operating instructions and repair parts list.  When experiencing a pump failure, check installation to see if pump has been installed according to manufacturer instructions.   Pump installation isn't always obvious.  Call Priest Electric if you need professional pump installation or repair.   A very high percentage of calls we get regarding [...]

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Choosing The Correct Pump Equipment

Priest Electric offers complete pump equipment repair, parts, and service in Boise, all of Idaho, Oregon, and Nevada.   Contact us today if you need help or answers in selecting the right pump for your application. The answer to these basic questions will help select the proper pump. WHAT IS THE SIZE OF THE WELL? The [...]

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Components of the Vertical Pump

Today's vertical pump offers flexibility, efficiently and reliably a meet the wide range of system requirements. In order to take advantage of this flexibility, a basic understanding of the pumps main components is required. Of the many components and types of construction available, proper selection depends on factors such as the depth or length of [...]

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Pump and Impeller Coatings

Buying a new impeller and casing is not always necessary, even with a small amount of impeller structure in tact, it can be repaired with our top performing pump and impeller coatings. Or add 6-8% efficiency to you new pump impeller and case by coating the bare metal. Repair Coatings are available for [...]

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Industrial Pump Repair Boise

An industrial pump is a device that is used to move liquids or gases. Pumps move fluids and gases by using a mechanical action. There are several types of pumps in the industrial pump market. When these devices do not perform at their optimum, they may need to be repaired. Businesses should ensure that they [...]

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Installation Of Pump and Valve Packings

Packing The Pump Correctly The importance of packing the pump correctly cannot be overemphasized. Many packing failures are due to incorrect installation of the packing. The following steps have been devised to ensure effective installation of packings on pumps: 1) REMOVE ALL THE OLD PACKING FROM THE STUFFING BOX. Clean box and shaft thoroughly and [...]

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