Recent Projects In The Shop

Each month we take in large industrial electric motors and pumps to be rebuild or repaired. Here are a few examples from the past few weeks.
Synchronous electric motor rebuild/repair.
Synchronous motors are designed to take abuse and are commonly used for a variety of mining applications. As seen in the pictures below we also repaired the sleeve bearings.

1250 HP pump motor repair/rebuild.
An average irrigation pump used in the Boise area for agriculture uses a 200 to 250hp motor. This pump brought in from the mines uses a 1250hp motor – Just imagine the amount of water that this thing pumps.

Blower unit repair/rebuild
You can see on the back of the truck, there is also a blower unit brought in for repair – this powerful blower is used for dust abatement.

If you need electric motor repair in Boise, or any other related industrial sized equipment in need to repair, give our experts a call today. 1.208.459.6351