Priest Electric Has Build A Reputation Of Top Quality Service Since 1956

Providing top quality service is more that just troubleshooting the problem, it is also about using the right approach and knowledge to quickly, comprehensively, and cost effectively provide the very best solution for your specific situation.

Priest Electric has a wealth of experience in problem solving using this approach. We have the right tools, equipment, materials, techniques, and a highly experienced staff that will work with you to provide you with more than just a repair or service, we’ll provide a complete solution.

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Electric Motor Repair

Priest Electric can rebuild and or rewind any AC or DC electric motor.

Industrial Pump and Fan Repair

Priest Electric specializes in all types, sizes, and manufacturers of pumps and fans.

Dynamic Balancing

Laser Alignment

Machine Shop Services

Impeller and Pump Coatings

Motor and Pump Application Support

Field Service and Troubleshooting