Fluid handling equipment can suffer from several physical and mechanical problems, including general or localized corrosion, erosion, cavitation, or poor efficiency or performance. All these conditions may affect the power consumption of the equipment, increasing considerably its lifetime running costs.

pump corrosion and erosion coatingsUtilizing the latest polymeric technology we offer coating solutions that repair what would normally be scrapped and replaced, protect against the deteriorating effects of erosion/corrosion, and improve efficiency 3-8% on new pumps and up to 20% on older pumps already in service. By utilizing a cold applied high performance coating, fluid handling equipment and components can be repaired and protected from the effects of wear from corrosion or erosion.

pump corrosion coatingsThis results in long term protection and improved efficiency, significantly reducing operating costs. Typically, the energy cost of a pump represents the largest portion of its lifetime costs – much more than the original capital expenditure. In fact the operating costs can represent as much as 95% of the overall lifetime costs of the pump. Therefore an improvement in energy efficiency will represent a significant reduction in lifetime costs.

pump coating finishedWorn pump components can be rebuilt easily and/or coated at a much lower cost when compared to new replacement parts. Even when a pump appears to be working acceptably it is unlikely that it is working to its maximum potential efficiency. Tests show performance deterioration leading to pressure losses, reduced flow, efficiency loss, and increased power consumption. This performance loss is due to erosion of fluid flow passages, the build up of deposits within the casing, and the loss of critical mechanical clearances.

Use of the correct performance coating has been shown to not only improve the performance of the pump compared to it’s “as new” condition but to maintain this throughout it’s life with minimum maintenance of the coating.

With over 25 years experience in application along with the best materials available, you may be assured of the best possible repairs and local support. We offer free inspection and cost analysis for your fluid handling equipment.