mechanical seal

If your recently purchased pump or mixer came new with mechanical seals, you might be disappointment in the performance of those seals unless you are able to specify what brand, model, and materials you want.

Here are some common problems with O.E.M. mechanical seals.

  1. Unknown grade of carbon/graphite with binders and fillers that can be attacked ny the product or cleaners used to flush the lines.
  2. Unknown grade of elastomer that has a temperature limit, chemical compatibility problems, shelf life, or sensitivity to steam or some lubricants.
  3. Stainless steel springs that are subject to chloride stress corrosion failure.
  4. Multiple springs, located in the sealing medium, that can easily clog when solids are present
  5. No method of compensating for axial growth or impeller adjustment.
  6. Single spring designs that are wound in one direction and sensitive to the direction of shaft rotation.
  7. No provision for environmental controls that are necessary in many applications.
  8. No way of venting air from the mechanical seal faces when the seal is mounted in vertical applications.

These are just to name a few, so unless you are able to specify the material type and material grade, opt for a high quality mechanical seal tailor made to you specific application and needs.  If you have any questions about mechanical seals, dont hesitate to call our experts at Priest Electric.  208-459-6351